Having the perfect wedding might be your goal, but mother nature might throw you a curveball when it comes to the weather. Having a backup plan for an outdoor wedding or some contingencies in place for outdoor events can help you rest easy as your wedding approaches. Even if everything ends up going off without a hitch on your big day, having some backup remedies in the wings should be a part of your overall planning. Here are five things you can do to help minimize weather-related issues that might come up during your wedding.

1. Having a Back-up Plan for Outdoor Activities

Even if most of your wedding day will be held in an indoor venue, there are still things that weather can cause trouble with on your big day. This can include getting from the car to your event, and even having friends and family celebrate with you immediately after your ceremony outside. If you were planning on pictures in an outside space, having tents or an indoor space set up as a back-up plan can give you peace of mind if clouds look to be moving in a day or two before your wedding.

2. Opting for an Indoor Venue

Even if you have always dreamed of a garden wedding, if you don’t want to risk inclement weather, opting for an indoor venue will take away this possible issue. This doesn’t mean you can’t bring natural elements such as flowers and plants to your indoor space. An indoor space will also free up when your wedding can be, and won’t limit you to spring or summer (when it still might rain). There are plenty of indoor venues that have open spaces, window views, or can be decorated in a way that will make your event special and unique as an outdoor ceremony and reception would.

3. Switching up the Order of Events

If you have a few different events on the schedule during your big day, you can have a little more control over what happens when. If a shower is blowing through right when your outdoor ceremony should be occurring, have a cocktail hour first and hope for the best. If the weather clears up, shuffle everyone to the garden during clear skies, and then head back inside to celebrate your reception. While it might add a little stress you your day to shuffle around your wedding day’s events, your guests will barely notice and will make for a better wedding overall.

4. Keeping Your Guests in Mind

If you think there might be a few raindrops on your big day, you might be equipped with umbrellas, a shoe change, and overall coverage for your immediate wedding party. Another kind thing that you can do is to have these same contingencies in place for everyone at your wedding. This might include a baskets of flip flops, extra umbrellas, or ponchos to keep guests dry and from ruining their wedding attire. Happy guests will make for a more fun wedding overall, so showing a little thought when it comes to their needs can go a long way.

5. Rolling With the Weather

Did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck? If you can give up trying to control everything that happens on your wedding day, including the weather, you’ll be in better spirits. If part or all of your event will be outside, you might want to go a little wild and have an outfit change ready, be okay with less-than-traditional footwear, or invite guests to have a more relaxed look for your big day. If there is a chance that outfits and accessories could be damaged, formalities can be loosened up.

While you might want the perfect wedding day, if this includes clear skies and warm weather, your expectations might be too high. Sometimes you cannot change wedding plans due to weather-related factors and you might have to face some chill or a few raindrops. If you can do your best to control planning and coverage where you can, your wedding day can still be a beautiful event for everyone involved to celebrate with you in style.