Planning a wedding is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. There are a lot of myths out there that a wedding has to be planned a specific way and has to have the appearance of a traditional white wedding. A wedding is a celebration to celebrate two people coming together as one and they can and should plan and enjoy it as they see fit.

The dress does not have to be white.

If you’ve been looking through racks of pure white dresses for weeks and haven’t found a dress that you are in love with, consider choosing something with a splash of color. Many designers have come out with dresses in colors such as blush pink, buttery yellow, dusty blue instead of the traditional white. Another way to add color a white dress is to add a brightly colored sash, cardigan or bolero.


Don’t be afraid to keep the guest list small.

If you are planning your wedding on a budget or prefer to have a more intimate wedding, don’t feel obligated to invite your third cousin, twice removed that you have not seen in eight years. Invite those who you feel closest to and want to share this wonderful event with. Don’t be afraid to speak up and inform your family and friends that you’re keeping the event small and intimate.

Try non-traditional dinner and drinks.

You don’t have to have the standard fish or chicken options with champagne for your wedding meal. Fun appetizers such as cheese plates, crostini along with a mashed potato martini bar and a grilled panini station will make the event stand out in the most delicious way possible. You can also create a signature cocktail with a fun name to represent your event.

Write unique vows to each other.

Reading vows to express a devotion of love and promise is tradition for most weddings. However, you can make your vows unique by writing your own. You can tell the story of how you met the love of your life, tell a funny story when you were dating, or explain how you first knew you fell in love and decided your partner was the one you wanted to marry.

Capture your event with special photos.

Are you and your significant other big fans of comic books or movies? You can incorporate your shared passions in your wedding photos that will not only be memorable but are also very unique. For example, each of the groomsmen can wear a super hero t-shirt under their tuxedo for the photographer and can have photos taken of them “ripping” their tuxes open to show off the superhero logo. These types of photos are memorable, fun and look great in photo albums or hanging on a wall at home.

Planning a wedding never has to be boring or traditional. The options are endless to choose from to make the event as perfect as can be. If you’re ready to plan your wedding, contact us today to schedule a tour and allow us to help plan your wedding to be a day of perfection.