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When you are planning a wedding, one of the things just about every bride spends money on is flowers. Where you decide to get them from is up to you, but there are several things you will want to think about.

Here are 3 flower options to consider for your wedding.

1.) Using a Traditional Florist
This is probably the most common option brides pick, and there are several benefits to doing so.

Florists are generally very knowledgeable about different types of flowers and can offer suggestions on beautiful arrangements that will work well for your wedding. Using a florist will also mean minimal work for you, because all you really need to do is order what you need. They can then put together the arrangements you requested, and deliver these to you when you need them, or you can pick them up.

The downside to using a florist is that it can cost a significant amount of money, especially if you need to order a lot of flowers, such as if you have a large wedding party and/or want to use fresh flowers as centerpieces.

You may be able to save some money by comparing the prices of florists in your area and asking if they have any special deals or discounts to offer you. (You will just want to make sure that you pick someone that provides quality service for their prices.)

2.) Doing the Flowers Yourself
Some brides have used wildflowers that are in season or even flowers from a garden. (Of course, if you pick flowers from somewhere, you will need to have permission to do so if they are not on your property.)

Other brides have been able to get flowers that are inexpensive by ordering them from a flower warehouse. (Note that not every bride may have a business like this in their area.)

There are also places you can order flowers from online and have them shipped to you, and then you put the arrangements together yourself. You will want to ensure that wherever you obtain flowers from is a reputable place, whether online or in person- you can ask around and read reviews.

If you are set on putting together your own arrangements, you will likely need to have someplace cool to store the flowers (such as a fridge,) and keep in mind they can take up a considerable amount of space.

You also need to know how to care for the flowers, and how to put together the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces properly, so that they hold together and last for your entire wedding day. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly research this in advance, and get all the supplies you need. Preparing floral arrangements can be quite time-consuming- even if you are experienced with arranging flowers- so you would likely need to have other individuals help you in order to get it all done.

While putting together your own arrangements is definitely more work for you, it is usually the most budget-friendly option if you are set on using fresh flowers.

3.) Using Silk (Artificial) Flowers
An alternative to using real, fresh flowers is to use silk (or artificial) flowers.

The benefits of using these are that they can save you money, you don’t have to worry about them wilting or dying, and you can keep these for years to come after your wedding, and even reuse them as centerpieces. Some silk flowers also look remarkably real, and you may not even be able to tell in pictures that they aren’t.

Unless you order them from someplace that does it for you, though, you will likely need to put together your own arrangements- bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, etc. The good thing about silk flowers, however, is that you can get these ready way in advance of your big day (just keep them someplace safe where they won’t get ruined or touched by curious children or pets.)

You could also use a combination of real flowers and silk flowers for your wedding, such as fresh flowers for your bouquet, but silk flowers for centerpieces.

These are 3 options you have for your wedding flowers. You can talk with your fiance and see what works the best with your budget and what you want.

For more info on wedding flowers, check out our next post in this series (coming soon): Wedding Flowers: Part II- 4 Tips for Floral Success.


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