With all of the costs surrounding the planning a wedding, getting your ceremony and reception decor just perfect might seem daunting to those on a budget. The good news is, if you have a DIY spirit, there are plenty of decorations you can utilize that are less expensive alternatives to traditional decor or just involve a little creativity. You don’t have to break your budget on decorations for your big day if you plan ahead and get creative with alternative items and materials. Here are five DIY wedding ideas that can make your wedding look great and won’t cost a fortune at the same time.

1. Utilize Disposable Items
Sometimes, disposable and paper versions based on real decor can look just as nice once these are set up. Items such as paper mache, balloons, and streamers can add a festive touch to your reception, and can make for easy clean up at the end of the night. Disposable tablecloths and centerpieces have come a long way when it comes to looking fashionable. Guests won’t be able to tell that many items you have in your wedding are disposable and ended up being a fraction of the cost of rented decor.

2. Flower Options on a Budget
Your floral arrangements don’t need to cost a fortune, and DIY versions can look just as lush throughout your ceremony and reception. If you can pick a specific type of flower to utilize the most, you can buy these in bulk on your own and have bridesmaids help with bouquets and centerpieces. If you opt for more flowers and succulents at your wedding to step in as decorations, you won’t need to rely on other types of decor as much.

3. Streamline Your Look
While you might have a theme in mind for your wedding, you might not have to add too many personal touches to the event. There is nothing wrong with a minimalistic, simplistic setting at a wedding. Sometimes, this might even look more elegant than a cluttered reception trying too hard for a theme. Using lighting and a few choice decorations might be all the wedding ideas hat you need to set the tone and enjoy your big day.

4. Tea Lights and String Lights
When it comes to ambient lighting at your wedding, this doesn’t need to be unsafe or expensive. Having battery-operated table lights that are candle-shaped can bring a romantic touch to your reception without the danger of an open flame. If your venue’s overall lighting is too bright, bringing in stringed lights to lower the lighting level and bring a festive feel to your space can be a quick fix. This should be cleared and set up in conjunction with your venue’s policies and set-up procedures, but these days lightweight LED string lights cause little harm and can even be balled up in vases or in centerpieces instead of hung if needed.

5. Bring in Potted Plants
Achieve an outdoor feel to your wedding venue by bringing natural elements inside. You can save on costs by renting large potted plants for the occasion, or purchasing smaller plants that will look nice and can be less expensive than traditional centerpieces or more elaborate floral arrangements. If you love the look of nature but have opted for an indoor wedding, a lush natural feel is just a few plants away and can be brought in simply and inexpensively.

Having your dream wedding doesn’t need to be bogged down with the stress of expensive decorations. There are plenty of ways you can make your space look great and stay within your budget. Always check with your wedding venue to make sure that all of your DIY ideas will work with codes and regulations in place. The most important thing at your wedding should be having fun and sharing your special day with loved ones, and your decorations can reflect your style and spirit, no matter what your budget constraints may be.