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Planning a wedding is a huge project. Believe us, we know all about it! But much of the planning process can be fun as well. For instance, deciding what to get your bridesmaids can be a relaxing break from the more complicated details. You definitely know you want to get your bridesmaids something to thank them for being a part of your special day. But you really don’t want to get something boring or run-of-the-mill. These girls have stood by you, supported you, helped you, laughed with you, cried with you, and never given up on you. They deserve something special. Here are five great ideas to get you started.

Gift Idea 1 – Personalized bags.

You can think any size you want – from ginormous tote bags, to purses, to clutches, to make-up pouches. The possibilities are endless! You can get each bridesmaid a bag with her name on it. Or, you can just go for fun or pretty patterns. Try to choose designs that match your girlfriends’ specific personalities. This is a gift that your special girls will truly use – maybe on a daily basis. And it will always remind them of your friendship.



Gift Idea 2 – Cute water bottles.

If you are that mom friend who is always reminding people to eat enough and get enough sleep, this is the way to go! Tell your friends that you have a gift they should carry with them wherever they go! You might even want to look into getting infused water bottles, so your friends can add a little fruity sparkle to their water. Once again, you can have fun shopping for different patterns and styles.

Gift Idea 3 – Lounge clothes.

Who doesn’t want something cute and comfortable that they can kick back in? You can delight your bridesmaids with cozy slippers, sassy sweatpants, flannel shirts, or even comfy robes. If your bachelorette party is going to be at home, make sure to give your gift before the party really gets under way, so that everyone can be comfortable all evening long. This is one gift that your friends will really appreciate. You can even consider getting custom embroidery, printing, or stamping done (depending on the piece of clothing), so that each girl’s item is personal.

Gift Idea 4 – Adult coloring books.

This is certainly no ordinary gift. But that’s what makes it so awesome! Honestly, everyone needs something to help them relax and calm down every now and then. These just might come in handy on the wedding day. If you are all gathering together to get your hair and make-up done, your girls can pull out their coloring books while they wait. And even if you don’t use them right away, they are a beautiful and will be put to good use.

Gift Idea 5 – Sunglasses.

We are not kidding you! You can keep your girlfriends stylin’ with this thank you gift. This is a great idea if your wedding is a summer/beach wedding. Depending on how you think your friends might respond, you can get classy sunglasses or off-the-walls goofy sunglasses. Either way, your friends will love unwrapping this gift. And they will love getting to use them whenever possible. If you do give this gift, just don’t forget to take pictures! You might even want to incorporate them into a few of your wedding pictures.

Your wedding week is going to be a memorable week for your bridesmaids. So why not add the perfect finishing touches with a memorable and out of the ordinary thank you gift? You want to make sure your friends know how special they really are to you. Let them know that you put time and effort into coming up with the perfect thank you gift! They will appreciate it. And honestly, they will love getting anything from you, anyway!


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