If you are planning an upcoming wedding, this can be an exciting time, but also stressful. One thing that you should try to keep in mind is focusing on enjoying your actual wedding day. While planning your big day involves a lot of factors, your wedding day should be something that brings fond memories and have moments that you enjoy and cherish. Here are five tips to follow that will help you have a low-stress, fun wedding that you can enjoy with loved ones.

1. Plan Ahead

While there might be aspects of your wedding day that you can’t control, there are certain things you can map out and have on an itinerary to help. Have a schedule planned for both the ceremony and reception so you can stay on track throughout your event. Share your wedding day schedule with your officiant, your wedding party members, deejays, and caterers. Mapping out your day will keep this flowing and keep the party going without too much input from you during your actual wedding.

2. Bring in Help

While you might have a DIY spirit, don’t try to do everything yourself. If you are having a larger wedding, a wedding planner can keep on top of all of the little details floating around leading up to your day and during your event. While there might be some help in setting up and breaking down tables and chairs from your wedding venue, having a planner can be a huge help. Even if your wedding is smaller, assigning tasks to friends and family can up your enjoyment and help spread tasks around. You shouldn’t feel like you have the world on your shoulders when it comes to overall wedding planning.

3. Keep it Simple

If there are things that you can cross off your list that aren’t deal breakers, this can make your day much simpler. If you can have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, you won’t have to travel during your day. If you are fine with a buffet dinner, this can keep things moving and have one less item to worry about. Don’t be afraid to say no to guests who ask to bring kids or a plus one or have other requests you aren’t comfortable with. Set your limits and move on. Your wedding day is your day, so try to stay in control and remember what is really important. There are things that you might be able to let go of to help you enjoy your day more.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There are things you won’t be able to control on your wedding day. Sometimes there are different versions of perfect, and those photos in the fog instead of sunshine might be more magical in years to come. If your cake doesn’t turn out the way you thought or your cousin gets a little wild at the reception, try your best take it all in stride. Enlist one of your friends or family members to be your cheerleader, who can be there for you to laugh off any weird curveballs that come along on your big day and can stand in to help troubleshoot. Remember, your guests probably aren’t going to be the wiser when it comes to any mishaps that come along during your ceremony or reception.

5. Have Fun on Your Day

Try to incorporate some things on your wedding day that you know you will enjoy. Whether this is dancing with your nieces, having champagne while getting your hair done, or having a private moment with your new spouse, be sure that you make time for these things. Check in with yourself and your stress levels and try to see the big picture. Enjoying your big day should be your number one priority.

Weddings can be stressful, but should also be a fun, joyous occasion. Anything that you can do to replace stress with joy on your big day will make you a happier bride and can make your reception a party to remember. If you can put a little energy into de-stressing and upping the fun factor, you will be more likely to enjoy your own wedding and truly have the perfect event!