When preparing to get married, many brides-to-be will do one or more bridal registries. This can be helpful for several reasons, some of which we discussed in Part 1 of our Wedding Registry series. What are some ways to get the most out of your wedding registry, though? Here are 5 bridal registry tips.

1.) Make a list of the needs and wants for your home that you don’t have yet.

Take into account where you will be living after you get married and what you will need for your home. If you are going to move, think about how you want things set up and organized. Don’t forget about smaller items you need for each room as well.

From dishes, to cooking tools, to towels, to extra bedding, this is your chance to pick out things you need, nice decor, and convenient items that will make your life easier.

Not sure what to register for? Some stores that offer bridal registries may also provide suggestions on a checklist, and/or you can also do an online search for a wedding registry list.

2.) Discuss items you want to register for with your fiance, so you don’t register for things they already have.

As well as you may know your soon-to-be spouse, there are likely at least some items they have that you aren’t aware of, so it’s good to communicate to figure out what you both really need.

You will also want to ask them about things they may want for the home, some of which you may not have thought of. After discussing what you both want, you can update your list of items you want to register for, and then have a good starting point for things you want to put on your registry when you actually go do it.

This is also a good opportunity to compare both of your things to see if you have duplicate items, so you can consolidate your belongings and sell or get rid of extra things you don’t need.

3.) Don’t hesitate to register for more pricey items because you think no one will buy them.

The goal is to register for things you really need and/or want, not just to include things that you think will be in your guests’ price range. You may be surprised with how generous someone is. Also, sometimes there will be multiple friends or family members who join together to purchase a more expensive gift, rather than choose to each get you something individually.

And even if no one buys the larger-priced items, if you and your fiance decide to purchase these yourselves, you may be able to get a discount just because of having them on your registry.

4.) Register at more than one store.

It’s good to register at more than one place. This increases the odds of people utilizing your registries, because different people shop at different locations, and some of your guests may live in an area where they don’t have access to certain stores near them.

5.) Take advantage of online registries.

These days there are places you can register online, such as Amazon, where you will have a variety of items and options to choose from, while being able to do so from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, many places that have in-store locations will also allow you to register online or to update and track your registry on their website. This makes it more convenient for you to keep track of what you have and still need, without having to physically go to the store every time.

So those are 5 wedding registry tips, which will help you to get the most out of your wedding gifts and registries. For more wedding planning tips for your upcoming big day, please feel free to browse through our other articles.